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Production or Shop Flow of Product:

After the order is entered into the database, a job ticket is produced. This begins the manufacturing process of the label.

First Step – Image Generation:

Your layout or design is programmed to match the die, and the image is then generated. This image can be generated digitally or by thermal transfer. This is also where color and logos can be applied to the labels.

Second Step – Converting:

The converting process takes the pre-printed image and applies an adhesive to the back and in most cases a laminate to the top. At the converting stage, the end product is delivered on sheets or rolls, and scrap removed, if necessary. Various die-cutting techniques can be incorporated here for tamper evidence as well as unique die-cutting configurations.

First Inspection:

After manufacturing, the product goes through the first inspection. At this station the labels are visually inspected and measured, with respect to your drawings and specifications. Any errors are noted and sent back to the responsible department for remanufacturing. Corrected product is then spliced into the job and reinspected.

Second Inspection:

After first inspection, the labels are sent on to the last inspection station where every label can undergo WLP's exclusive scanning and validation process. Each roll of labels can be validated for number sequence integrity, assuring that there are no duplicates, errors, or missing numbers.

Final Stage – Packing and Shipping:

Once complete and error free, the final product is boxed and shipped per your specifications.

Sequential Label Production:

These labels are produced with unique numbers generated with a sequential number program or using your database of unique numbers. These insure that every label can be individually identified much like a license plate.

Specialty Label Production:

These labels are designed for the packaging market where a company might want their own private label on products such as wine or soft drinks.

Static Label Production:

These labels are all identical much like product labels that have product information and logo.

Computer bar code Validation Cardinal Sins:

Errors made by pre-printed label service bureaus are those that impede the customer's ability to automatically capture data. The three most common errors are bar code labels that won't read or that misread, duplicate labels, or missing labels. At WLP, we have incorporated a quality inspection process as part of our ISO 9001 quality system that is not found at other label houses: Automatic Validation of your rolls of labels by our computerized inspection equipment. After your labels have been completely manufactured, they go through one last scanning inspection. This inspection 100% certifies that there are no duplicate labels within your job and missing labels are identified if your "license plate" system can handle missing labels. After this process your labels are boxed and shipped.

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