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Snapshot Digital Photocolor Imaging

Great changes are taking place in the printing industry! Not since the invention of movable type by Gutenberg in 1436 has the printing industry been influenced by such a major development. Watson Label Products wants its customers to be the first to know about this new technology referred to in the industry as digital printing.

Watson Label Products' manufacturing now includes this advanced technology which launches us to the forefront of this new printing era in the bar coding and digital labeling industries. We are excited to offer our customers the highest printing technology available in the industry with our digital process called Snapshot Digital Photocolor Imaging.

Snapshot Digital Photocolor Imaging changes the bar code industry by adding color stripes, logos and color-coded sequential numbering to the traditional black and white bar code label. More than twenty five years ago, Watson Label Products pioneered the imaging of bar codes for automatic data collection technology. WLP adapted the best technology of the day, phototypesetting, to produce the highest quality bar codes possible. Today, WLP is pioneering again with another technology, Digital Photocolor Imaging, that has proven to be a superior replacement for the old technology of photocomposition.

Here are a few points that will make your new Snapshot digitally produced labels more of an asset to your automatic data collection tracking system.

  • First ISO 9001 certified company to have two Omnius presses.
  • Quality and definition of bar codes and logos are second to none with an 800 to 2,400 dot per inch image.
  • High definition, photocolor quality obtains an "A" rating in accordance with ANSI bar code standards.
  • bar codes can be produced from files which are static, random or sequential.
  • Color images and color coding of numbers can be as variable as the bar code being imaged.
  • bar codes are produced with a special ink that is durable and UV fade-resistant.
  • Eliminates additional cost for setup, wash-up or separations for color labels which means a better value for you.
  • Our technology allows us to image on almost any type of substrate. You can choose a variety of materials to be imaged like paper, polyester, polyimide or any of the modern synthetic papers. Your imagination is the only limit to which material, which color and which new label design will increase productivity in your automation system.
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