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Digital Color Printing

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Digital Color Printing
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Digital Color Printing has three major advantages.

The most exciting feature of digital color printing is its ability to produce color images with photo-realistic vivid colors. The quality and definition are second to none with its ability to produce images at 800 to 2,400 dots per inch. Digital color printing produces superior resolution and definition when compared to previous generation technologies like phototypesetting and thermal transfer.

Watson Label Products' bar codes consistently obtain an "A" rating using diagnostic equipment standards in the automatic data collection industry. This high-resolution bar code means superior read rates and superior bar grades.

Digital color printing produces images with durable and fade-resistant ink. This is an important benefit for all bar code applications. The color is produced as process color and produces high-quality pictures also. Unlike process color on an offset press, there are no charges for separations or plates and no additional cost for setup or wash-up, which means a better value for you.

Images can be produced from data files containing static, random, or sequential data. The color image and color-coding of numbers can be as variable as the bar code being imaged. The addition of color to your bar code labels has numerous benefits, such as more accurate sorting, better human recognition, solutions to security problems, increased awareness of corporate image and an overall more aesthetically pleasing label.

See How It Compares:

The following legend lists items that can be important when considering the capabilities of your preprinted bar code label vendor:

COLOR Possible, off line and costly Requires ribbon change and offers limited colors Yes, process colors
SPEED Fair Poor Excellent
CUSTOM FONTS AND LOGOS Yes, but costly Yes, but poor quality Yes, inexpensive & excellent quality
SUBSTRATE CHOICE Paper & polyester only Yes, a wide variety Yes, a wide variety
SCALABILITY(ease of changing CPI) Excellent Poor Excellent

Use Your Imagination:

Since its inception, automatic data collection has relied on the bar code label as the basic tool for storing information. In the industrial arena, that label has had a utilitarian, sterile look. With the advent of digital color printing technology, industrial labels no longer need to be bland. Retail packaging has long included color and imagination with the use of the bar code.

Logos and color numbering are possible and cost-effective. Color-coding by batch or product type can be done with ease. Manual sorting operations and the "flags" that trigger them can now be done right on the bar code label. Let your imagination be part of your bar code labeling plans.
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