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  • High-Temperature
  • Harsh Environments
  • Printed Circuit Board Identification


Watson Label Products has overcome numerous obstacles in the manufacture of PC board labels since 1987 when it produced its first PC board tracking label. WLP used ink that would not fade in the wash cycle and an adhesive that would not let go in the full immersion cycle. WLP even met the challenge of developing a label that survived aqueous cleaning solutions. Now WLP's newest PC Board label is
better and costs about half as much as the original.


Two methods are used to protect the image during use. The most effective method is a 1 mil opaque polyimide laminate. However, since polyimide films are costly components, this method is also the most expensive. The second method is a UV-cured coating applied over the image. This product offers protection under all production conditions but can be scraped away with effort.

The laminate used on Watson Label Product's PC Board / Polyimide labels seals the image under translucent film on a pigmented film facestock. WLP's PC Board labels feature a 2 mil polyimide facestock that withstands temperatures up to 370°C. Then WLP adds an adhesive designed to perform up to 220°C. The adhesive used is a high-temperature adhesive specifically designed for use on printed circuit board bar code labels and aerospace applications where low out gassing properties are required.

These labels meet ANSI standards for print contrast signals and minimum reflectance ratios for bar code print quality. They can be used for short periods (minutes, hours) at temperatures up to 232°C (450°F) and for intermittent longer periods of time (days, weeks) up to 149°C (300°F). The nominal thickness of components is 5.5 mils. Total tolerance, however can be ± .5 mil.

The labels have less than 0.1% shrinkage after exposure to 200°C temperature for 60 minutes. After exposure to 260°C for 10 minutes, the labels will retain their first read scannability with minimum color change and no edge curl. It has the same thermal and electrical durability as standard polyimide film, superior hydrolytic and chemical resistance and is non-wicking in chemical applications.
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