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Reflective Long Range Scanning Labels

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  • Warehouse Racks
  • Warehouse Bins
  • Warehouse Pallets
  • Airplane Maintenance Vehicles
  • Over the Road Trucks
  • Road Signs


Reflective film is widely available to mark for night visibility or in low light conditions. The film consists of a polyester film coated with an emulsion containing microscopic glass spheres. These spheres reflect light directly to the original source. This property allows enough light to be returned to the laser scanner for decoding the symbol at extreme distances. Depending on the scanner, decodes can be made from as far as 32 feet.

This material is now used in the automated identification industry for long-range scanning. With the development of long-range scanning equipment in 1991, bar codes could be scanned from as far away as eight feet. In numerous industrial applications this was an important improvement. But, when a bar code was printed on retro-reflective film, the scanning distance was tripled to 24 feet. Today's scanners can decode symbols from as far away as 32 feet.


This label may be used to identify the fifth tier bin location from a forklift. In many cases, warehouse forklifts are outfitted with computer terminals linked by radio to a host computer. By scanning a label 20 feet away, the main computer can identify where product is being stored, being moved or being retrieved.

Major corporations rely on distribution centers to stage and ship merchandise. The benefit of long-range scanning using this unique label technology greatly increases warehouse productivity. The increased accuracy from scanning rather than manual entry translates into cost savings.

Watson Label Products can produce these labels with an adhesive that meets the requirements of most long-term applications. It offers temperature resistance to 350F and excellent solvent resistance. Peel adhesion values are outstanding. The polyester carrier has all the durability qualities commonly attributed to polyester.

* This label has been designed to enhance the performance of certain "long-range" scanners. Scan distances can usually be increased by a multiple of three times but results are dependent on the equipment used. Consult your scanner representative for specifics.
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