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Control of your two most elusive assets, furniture and equipment, can be easily accomplished with the use of auto ID technology. By assigning a unique number to each movable item, a database can be created controlling the movement, storage and retrieval of equipment and furniture. The database may list such details as the type of asset, value, depreciable life span or any other pertinent information. The key is quick, accurate entry of data.


One of the most important features of any asset label is its ability to retain its image quality for many years. All Watson Label Products' labels can be laminated with a variety of materials to protect the original, high quality bar code image. Regardless of how the asset is cleaned - whether with industrial strength cleaner, solvent or even high-pressure steam, the image is protected. For tool management where grease and oil are commonly encountered, WLP uses a laminate with a special adhesive impervious to jet fuel, MEK and brake fluid.

As with all Watson labels, the Digital Photocolor image is the best quality possible. WLP bar codes are designed to be in specification every time. To ensure number integrity, labels are scanned and an editing routine is perfected to validate the sequence.

Asset tags may be applied to many types of surfaces. Wood, metal, painted metal, and high- and low- surface energy plastics are common. WLP uses a variety of 3M and other industry-leading adhesives so its labels adhere to a number of different surfaces.

By combining the appropriate laminate, a high-quality bar code image and the best adhesive for the surface, you will receive a label that controls your valuable assets. If you have questions about exactly which construction will work best, WLP is happy to work with you to prescribe a product most suitable for your application.
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