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Bar Code 128

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128 data characters plus 4
non-data function characters
Code 128 is an alphanumeric symbology which is variable in length with two error-checking alternatives. The first is an individual character level using character self-checking parity. The second is a complete message using the calculated, end of message, check digit. It is available in three versions: Version A, alpha (uppercase only) and numeric; Version B, alphanumeric (both upper and lowercase alpha symbols) and full ASCII capability; and Version C, a numeric-only version which allows the highest character density possible with this code. The use of a "shift" character in this symbology allows for a switch between the three versions at any time within a given symbol. Each data character in Code 128 is 11 modules arranged as 3 bars and 3 spaces of varying widths. As with Code 93, Code 128 uses function codes to aid the data flow via software but has a much greater density. Code 128 is the most compact, complete alphanumeric symbology available.

Applications For Code 128:

  • Department stores and retail point of sale
  • With its flexibility, this code is gaining popularity in industrial applications.
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