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Note: All 2" wide labels accommodate up to 14-15 digits. Most of our labels are also available in a shorter width for fewer digits.

2" x 5/8" Single Label


2" x 5/8" Code 39
Standard, dumb (or generic) label. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

2" x 5/8" 2up Labels


2" x 5/8" Code 39
2up = two identical bar code labels for each number. Both labels must be exactly the same - twins! Not two different numbers. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

  • 10,000 = (5,000-2up) 5,000 numbers with two labels per number which equals 10,000 labels.

  • 10,000 = (5,000-2up) – Priced as 10,000

  • 20,000 = (10,000-2up) – Priced as 20,000

2" x 5/8"
Piggyback Label


2" x 5/8" Code 39
Label has two layers of adhesive which allows the label to be used twice. Perfect for serials! Also available in other sizes. (Supplied on rolls only.)

2" x 1" Two-Part
Double Label


2" x 1" 2-Part Codabar
The top label includes: Imprint, bar code and human readable number. The bottom label includes: Human readable number only. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Priced as a unit: 10,000 2" x 1" two-part labels = 10,000 total labels.

2" x 1" Two-Part Double Special Layout Label

This 2" x 1" label set is the same price as the above 2 Part Double, but with a special layout. Notice the bar code is taller and the human readable number is in a different spot. When the top label is removed, the smaller label has both a human readable number and a bar code. Note: There will be no library imprint on the smaller label. The scanner should easily read a smaller bar code; however, when you order this special layout for the first time, WLP will send a proof before producing the order. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

2" x 1" Single Label


2" x 1" Codabar
Used mostly for 'Smart' Labels. Accommodates: Three lines of text plus an imprint, bar code and human readable number. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

2" x 3/4" Single Label


2" x 3/4" Code 39
This label accommodates two lines of text, plus an imprint, bar code and human readable number. Most commonly used for Smart Labels or labels requiring a scanable OCR-A number and bar code. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

2" x 3/8" Slide Label

This label accommodates a bar code, human readable number, and an imprint (if desired). This label uses an adhesive specially formulated for plastic. You may choose any label width to accommodate your slide. (Supplied on rolls only.)

CD / DVD Label Set

The donut shaped label goes on the CD/DVD and the matching bar code label is placed on the case. You may even choose to have something printed on the donut hole and apply it to the case. Print anything you want in three short lines! (Supplied on rolls only.)
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